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Our team at Bangalore

person  N V Pradeep Kumar Alanki
Manager/Senior Patent Agent
Email: pradeep@globalipservices.com
Pradeep is a Patent Agent and a Patent Engineer at Global IP Services. He is registered to practice before the Indian Patent Offices.Pradeep earned a B.E. in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University (JNTU) in Andhra Pradesh, India. Prior to joining Global IP, Pradeep worked as a Patent Engineer with an IP Law firm in Bangalore, India. He has undergone training in IPR by highly qualified US patent attorneys. He has nearly 5.5 years of experience in drafting of US patent applications by working closely with US patent attorneys. Currently, Pradeep deals with drafting patent applications related to fields of electrical and electronics, computer hardware and software, telecommunications, Web based applications such as Internet application,s and Communication protocol.
 Vinay Kumar Challa
Paralegal/Docketing specialist
Email: vinaykumar.ch@globalipservices.com
Vinay kumar holds a Bachelor’s degree (B.Tech) in Instrumentation and Control Engineering from Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University (JNTU), Andhra Pradesh, India. He assists in docketing, filing and prosecution of both Indian and foreign patent applications, proof reading and compiling information from various web based records

Priya M  Priya M
Patent Engineer
Email: priya.m@globalipservices.com
Priya holds a Bachelor’s degree (B.E) in Instrumentation and Control Engineering from Maharaja Prithvi Engineering College affiliated to Anna University, Tamil nadu, India. Currently, she assists in office actions for both Indian and US applications.

Gopi N
Office Administrator
Email: gopi@globalipservices.com
Gopi is an office administrator. He also does illustration work, revising and maintaining office systems, and maintaining and updating the spread sheets and databases.

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India Office

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Phone: +91 8041211729
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